Side Table or Stool

These side tables / stools are very unique. They are produced in Germany to a high set of eco-friendly values. Therefore only ecological unobjectionable materials such as wood, medium density fibreboard (E1 quality standard), recycled paper are used. Glues and colours without any health hazard are used in the production.

All the side table/Stools are 49 x 29 x 29.5 cm

Map - CWST01

Globe - CWST02

Old Globe - CWST03

ESA Cities- CWST04

Police Phone Box - CWST05

Snack and Drinks - CWST06

Notes - CWST07

Bark - CWST08

Pile of Wood - CWST09

Bamboo Green - CWST10

Wood - CWST11

Heart House - CWST12

Beer - CWST13

Traffic Light - CWST14

UK Flag - CWST15

Beer Create - CWST16

Colourful - CWST17

Keep Calm - CWST18

White DIY - CWST19

Natural DIY - CWST20

Double Decker Bus - CWST21

VW Bus - CWST22

VW Beetle - CWST23

Big Ben - CWST24

Red Phone Box - CWST25

All You Need is Love - CWST26